Saturday, December 1, 2007

DIY Zine

Wow, double entries in one day.

Anyway, i just want to share a video that i watched several weeks ago.
This dude ( hippie, rob zombie - look - alike?, Sam Proof is a writer and an artist with great sense of humour. This particular video below is about how to make your own zine. What a zine? Check it out yourself. I made one right after i watched the vid.

I made a zine for my housemate. Sorry for the sloppy work because i made it under 15 minutes. Anyway....

The Cover

A little message for my friend.

Comics about Hamsters ( she loves hamsters! )

Picture of a hamster

I plan to make more of these Zineeessss. Stay tune :P


meamizuno said...

wahh menarik~!!

ava vampira said...

Thanks =)

CeLL said...

Simple, but amazingly kewl! :)
Create more of ur own Zines..cant wait to see 'em dear.

Azy said...

I'm a proud owner of this zine

Can subscribe tak? Hehehe!!