Friday, January 18, 2008


Some of my friends asked me to teach them how to do mind map but honestly, i'm still learning it too. I use mind map for practically every subject that i learn in med school.
These are the reasons why I like to mind map:

1) I can listen to music while at it.

2) Reading the text books is boring...i have to do something with my hands.

3) I remember facts better. ( yeah..rite....hmmmm)

4) I can be creative (ngeh...)

5) Excellent for last minute revision. (typical college student...muehehehe)
So here are some of my mind maps. Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures ( and my bad handwriting..LoL!)

Physiology of taste

-my poor attempt to copy Rolling Stone's logo-

The Limbic System (emotions)

I'll post step-by-step tutorial on how to mind-mapping if there is any request for it.

-Have a nice weekend!-


meamizuno said...

wah nampak lawa

aku penah nampak gaya mind map ini di stabilo nye pen kaler2 itu..ku juga br beli..

wa semangat ko buat

lately aku byk buat note dgn microsoft office je >_< masih belum ada masa buat mind map..byk sedut data je skg..uhuh

tp aku sgt suka mind map ko


ava vampira said...

thank you thank you..
will come up with that soon.
hehe.. =)

Anonymous said...

wei. polah k aku juak. lak aku berik bhn ko msg ke email aku. hahahaa

ava vampira said...

not for free... =P